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Our Corporate Strategy

Our new corporate strategy will help British Columbia reach its full potential as a tourism destination.

The Value of Tourism in BC (2014)

The Value of Tourism summarizes the economic value the tourism industry adds to the province, such as tourism revenue, gross domestic product, and employment data.


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Bringing Our Brand To Life

See how we are bringing our brand to life through websites, campaigns, social media channels, trade show banners and more.

Destination BC Co-op Marketing Partnerships Program

Program applications will be accepted between November 1-December 31.

Promoting BC. Together

Add the new Super, Natural British Columbia® logo web tile to your website and together we can strengthen our promotion of British Columbia to the world. It’s free and easy to access.


September 2016

Country Arrivals Change
USA Overnight 348,873 11.0%
China 38,769 32.2%
UK 30,960 27.9%
Australia 27,521 21.1%
Japan 16,785 0.0%
Germany 12,828 6.6%
South Korea 13,774 44.6%
Hong Kong 9,064 8.6%
Mexico 9,297 28.2%
India 6,125 15.8%
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