BC Tourism Industry

Program Requirements & Application Procedure

Program Requirements

The MRDT Program Requirements outline the requirements for the Program and provides guidance and assistance to municipalities, regional districts and eligible entities applying to request that the Province levy the tax, on their behalf, in a designated accommodation area.

Application Procedures

The Application Form (Appendix 1.1) provides a checklist of the documentation required in order to apply for the implementation, renewal or rate change of the MRDT in a designated accommodation area.

The Application Form must be completed in full, signed, and included with your completed MRDT application package.

To apply for a 3% MRDT rate: New MRDT applicants and all current MRDT communities (including those not subject to renewal applications) must submit a complete application.

Information on application procedures and requirements can be found in Section 7 and 8 of the Municipal and Regional District Tax Program Requirements.

Complete application packages must be submitted in PDF format to Destination British Columbia via email at MRDT@destinationbc.ca.