CSE Application Protocols

  1. Tourism operators interested in learning more about the CSE program and the application process should first consult Destination Canada’s CSE website, which includes links to a CSE Backgrounder, CSE Program Eligibility Criteria, Export-Ready Criteria, CSE FAQ guide, current CSE members and the CSE Application Guide.
  2. If your experience meets the program criteria as outlined in Destination Canada’s CSE Program Eligibility Criteria document, take the CSE Pre-qualifying Quiz to determine if your business qualifies to apply for the CSE program.
    1. If you answer “Yes” to all of the questions on the CSE Pre-qualifying Quiz, forward a signed copy of the quiz to Destination BC (Leona Zheng) to indicate your interest in the program and request your application form.
    2. If it is determined that your experience is a fit for the CSE program and your business satisfies the established eligibility criteria, an application form will be forwarded to you.
    3. If you answered “No” to any of the questions on the quiz, your business is not ready for the CSE program at this time. Destination BC representatives are available for further dialogue on meeting the requirements of the program and working with travel trade.
  3. Complete the CSE Application Form. Consult the CSE Applicant’s Guide for further information.
  4. Submit your completed CSE Application Form to Destination BC for review.
    1. If all requirements are met, your application will be forwarded to Destination Canada for approval. Destination BC and Destination Canada will conduct a final review of the application for a final decision (up to six weeks for final approval).
    2. If your application does not meet the CSE program criteria, it will not be forwarded to Destination Canada. Destination BC will provide feedback on meeting the CSE requirements.
  5. Destination Canada will notify successful applicants that they have been conditionally approved, and will enter into a Conditional Acceptance phase and next steps.
  6. Once the requirements for conditional acceptance have been met, the applicant’s acceptance into the CSE collection will be confirmed by Destination Canada, and will remain confidential until Destination Canada issues a formal announcement to industry. Refer to the CSE Application Guide for the list of requirements to be met during the Conditional Acceptance Period.
  7. Destination Canada will announce the new CSE member in consultation with Destination BC. Prior to the announcement, Destination Canada will create a webpage for the CSE to be posted on Destination Canada’s Canada Keep Exploring Website, prepare the announcement and coordinate communications with the PMO and tourism operator, and arrange translation of materials.