2017 North America Marketing Initiatives

Each year, Destination BC launches North American marketing initiatives to motivate potential travellers to consider, plan and book a vacation in British Columbia. In 2017, we are investing in consumer direct marketing activities in Western USA and BC, which are priority North American markets identified in our 2017 Global Marketing Plan.

Marketing activities include an annual content marketing plan with periods of paid media activity that run March to November, with a total budget of approximately $4 million. Across our priority markets, we are leveraging a combination of paid, owned and earned media including traditional print and television, out of home, digital advertising, content partnerships, social media, paid search, email and content marketing. Activities in all markets will be complemented by OTA investments, and travel trade and travel media activities.

The goals in each market differ and all relate back to the objectives in our Corporate Strategy:

British Columbia
  • Inspire British Columbians to explore more of their province in 2017 by taking one more trip in BC, by encouraging shoulder season travel, and encouraging provincial distribution during high season into areas with capacity.
  • Encourage sharing and advocacy via #ExploreBC by residents for global reach and impact.
  • Expand and leverage BC-wide partnerships for greater distribution of Explore BC messaging.
Western USA

Create an emotional urgency so that long-haul travellers feel they need to visit BC soon.

For more information regarding our 2017 marketing programs in North America, including how to integrate or leverage your activities with those of Destination BC, please contact Marketing.

British Columbia

Destination BC’s Explore BC marketing program hopes to motivate BC residents to explore more of their province by taking one more trip in BC during the Spring and Fall shoulder seasons. Promoting the use of #ExploreBC also encourages sharing and advocacy by residents for global reach and impact. Through paid, owned and earned media, the marketing activity runs from March to November 2017 and includes traditional print and television, out-of-home, community newspapers, email marketing, digital advertising and social media. Activities also include ad spots and weekly sponsored segments on Global TV’s morning news and evening news hour featuring different locations around the province each week. This year, there will also be an expansion of the Explore BC Partnerships Program for greater amplification of Explore BC messaging.

The program will also increase awareness and use of the hashtag #ExploreBC through FREE point of sale materials for BC tourism businesses.

Western USA

estination BC is proud to have launched a new immersive content marketing program in 2017 that allows potential long-haul travellers to experience BC from the perspective of a local like never before. A key component of this was the creation of a new online content platform, which incorporates 360° views of BC’s backcountry from Google Street View, video profiles of locals, photography, 360° video and much more. The local stories featured on the site form the platform for our long-haul content marketing initiatives as we share them in strategic, tailored ways through our various channels.

Paid media efforts will be focused on the months of April through to July in states including CA, WA, OR, TX, CO, AZ, ID, MT. Tactics include content marketing and partnerships, digital display ads, pre-roll, search, native and social advertising. The majority of the activity will lead to the BC Journeys platform, but efforts will also be focused on re-targeting users who have visited other Destination BC owned web properties to offer further opportunities to engage with BC content. Additional ongoing marketing activities include travel media, travel trade, email marketing and paid search.

Order your free #exploreBC point-of-sale kits now

Destination BC will continue to build upon the 2016 success of the ExploreBC Program with the re-introduction of FREE point-of-sale materials. The point-of-sale kits encourage consumers to use the #exploreBC hashtag and showcase as many diverse BC products and experiences as possible. Point-of-sale kits are now available to the BC tourism industry to distribute to their visitors. There are four kit sizes this year ranging from extra-small to large. The kits include postcards, posters, stickers, and #exploreBC window decals. Order your FREE kit here

Partnership with Global TV will inspire locals to #exploreBC

British Columbians represent 57% of the over 21.5-million trips within BC forecasted for 2017. To capitalize on this important market, Destination BC has once again teamed up with Global TV to encourage BC residents to explore their home province. The partnership includes television advertising and editorial content about BC destinations and tourism opportunities. The content will air over eight weeks from early April to late May 2017. A series of tourism segments on the Evening News will highlight new tourism opportunities from around the province. Weekly segments on the Morning News will feature reporter Yvonne Schalle as she profiles communities and attractions. A Destination BC travel expert will appear each Saturday on the morning news to discuss additional travel options in the area featured by Schalle. BC festivals and events will be promoted on Global TV's Community Calendar throughout the spring and into summer, and a series of articles will be featured on the Global TV website. Watch the resulting segments and stories here: This partnership builds on the success of a similar campaign last year. 

Destination BC's Josie Heisig appeared on air with Global TV host Lynn Colliar.

Destination BC’s new immersive marketing platform breaks new ground

Our industry partners expect innovative ideas from Destination BC, and our new immersive content marketing program goes even further to put consumers in the heart of a BC moment. Developing the BC Journeys platform, which incorporates immersive 360° views of BC terrain from Google Street View Trekker, was a long and thrilling journey—but like all great initiatives it began with a single step and some strong partnerships.

During the summer of 2016, we partnered with Google, Northern BC, our regions, and many tourism businesses to literally put BC on Google Maps. We used the Google Street View Trekker technology, a wearable backpack with a complex camera system on top, to achieve 360° views of some of BC’s most beautiful terrain. We covered almost 1,000 km of BC’s wilderness over 105 days on foot, horseback, helicopter, plane, and boat. This project showcases all six regions.

There are 2.3-million searches per second on Google and over one billion monthly users of Google Maps. The Google Street View Trekker component will capitalize on that reach, but our program is more comprehensive than that. We also sent a crew of expert content creators along with the Google Street View Trekker. These creators captured video, drone footage, 360° video and photography, highlights of which are now featured on the new BC Journeys platform, and will be distributed to millions of potential visitors in the Western US this spring.

See the full list of available treks here