2018-2019 Global Ski Campaign

British Columbia has some of the best skiing and winter experiences in the world. Skiing is a substantial driver of economic value to the province, with the ski industry accounting for nearly 10% of BC’s total tourism revenue, and dispersing travellers throughout the province to BC’s many ski areas.
In working closely with BC’s ski resorts, Destination BC has identified an opportunity to push the BC ski message outside of its traditional North American boundaries to reach new audiences. For the first time, Destination BC will conduct consumer-facing marketing on a global scale and further develop BC’s presence as a must-ski destination for international destination skiers.
The objective of the 2018-19 Ski program is two-fold:
  1. Motivate high potential, lower-funnel skiers to book their ski trip to BC this season, and
  2. Inspire skiers dreaming of a destination ski vacation to include BC as part of their consideration process.
Consumer marketing for the 2018-19 season began in May 2018, and will continue through February, 2019, reaching audiences in Australia, the United Kingdom, Ontario, Western USA, and Mexico.
Destination BC has also developed its new creative platform, One Step Wilder, to motivate destination skiers to visit BC for the upcoming 2018-2019 season. Consumer marketing activities for this season will include an array of video and image content collected from BC’s 13 ski resorts, and features a wide range of skiing, winter activities, and special travel deals.
Destination BC will continue our industry tagging initiative with 13 ski resorts and expand the program with the addition of heli-skiing, cat-skiing, and Nordic operators. If you have any questions or would like to enrol your business in the tagging program, please email Sean McDonald.
For more information regarding the 2018-2019 ski marketing activities, including how to integrate or leverage your activities with those of Destination BC, please contact Marketing.