2018 BC Journeys Campaign

It’s no secret that our travellers rely on digital and online channels to make their purchasing decisions—especially during the planning stages of a big trip. With our recently launched BC Journeys campaign, we’re building on the momentum and insights we learned last year.

Our BC Journeys campaign launched mid-March and will run through the end of August. It’s is primarily focused to inspire American affluent, learners/explorers from key states, including Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, California, Colorado and Texas. This year, we’re also expanding our marketing efforts to reach residents in Alaska, Hawaii and Washington, DC. 

This campaign uses a mix of paid digital tactics (social media, search display, video and native advertisements) along with partnerships with TripAdvisor, Expedia, Sojern and Amazon to allow us to reach and engage with our audiences.

There are three content themes/experiences depending on the interests of our travellers: urban, wildlife and transformative. These three themes are aligned to the three phases of our campaign: awareness, consideration and conversion (getting our targeted US travellers to actually book their trips!).

Destination BC will continue to use tagging to track and optimize our digital marketing efforts. To learn more, or if you’d like to enrol your business in the tagging program, email