Destination Canada - Canadian Signature Experiences (CSE) Collection

Since the inaugural Canadian Signature Experiences (CSE) collection was debuted by Destination Canada (previously the Canadian Tourism Commission) in 2011, the program has grown from 48 to 183 members. The collection showcases once-in-a-lifetime, authentic travel experiences that exemplify Canada’s tourism brand. CSE member businesses are given the opportunity to reach key international markets through Destination Canada’s global marketing campaigns, travel trade, travel media and sales programs.

There are a number of British Columbia experiences in the collection. Click here for a full list. Destination Canada and the Provincial and Territorial Marketing Organizations (PMOs) reviewed the current program in 2014 and as a result there are several changes to how the CSE program will be administered in future.

  • The CSE program will be co-managed by Destination Canada and the PMOs. Destination BC will manage the membership application and renewal process, and will serve as the first point of contact for industry interested in applying to the program.
  • The CSE program will evolve into a travel trade development program and meeting export ready criteria a mandatory requirement.
  • Specific application intake deadlines have been removed. Businesses can apply at any time throughout the year.
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Destination BC contact for this program:

Leona Zheng
Sales Manager
Tel: 604-660-6367