Destination BC Staffing Updates

Jasqueline Simpson, Director, North America Consumer Marketing Programs

There is a lot going on at Destination BC. In order to support our new programs and leverage our internal strengths and talents, a number of staffing changes have taken place. We are excited to announce the following appointments:
Jacqueline Simpson
Director, North America Consumer Marketing Programs 
Jacqueline leads the strategic development, execution and evaluation of direct to consumer activities to enhance the short and long-term competitiveness of the BC tourism industry with a primary focus on the North American markets. Jacqueline was formerly the Manager, North America Marketing Programs and has an extensive marketing background both within Destination BC and in previous roles at the Great Little Box Company and Grouse Mountain Resorts.
Karen Kasprick
Manager, North America Consumer Marketing Programs 
Previously a Marketing Specialist, Karen is now responsible for planning, developing  and overseeing the implementation and evaluation of all aspects of consumer and paid media programs in the North American markets, with a focus on spring/summer and annual marketing activities. Karen is current busy monitoring and optimizing our consumer efforts in California, Washington/Alberta and in BC (#exploreBC campaign).
Alison McKay
Manager, Destination Development 
A new position, Alison will undertake the management of a process to coordinate the development and delivery of Provincial, Regional and sub-Regional Tourism Destination Development plans in conjunction with Government and industry stakeholders. Ali will act as a liaison and resource between Destination BC and its stakeholders, connecting programs and resources to people and businesses. Alison was previously Destination BC’s Senior Researcher.
Heather Boyd,
Manager, Remarkable Experiences
Heather moves over to Visitor Experiences & Industry Development where she is now responsible for our new Remarkable Experiences program. Launching several pilots this summer, the Remarkable Experiences program is designed to help improve the experience offerings across the province and enable B.C.’s tourism industry to become savvy digital and social media marketers in order to increase the volume of positive word-of-mouth recommendations, referrals and repeat visitors.
Kathleen Harvey
Manager, Visitor Services
Formerly managing tourism supplier relationships, Kathleen has taken on the significant responsibility for Destination BC’s new Visitor Services strategy. In conjunction with Regional and Community partners, Kathleen will work to transition the current visitor services model to a new, agile model that is based on the changing needs of the visitor.
Kim Hood 
Manager, Co-op Marketing Partnerships (commencing August 17th) 
Kim will steer Destination BC’s new co-operative marketing partnerships program, designed to enable groups with common interests and common marketing goals, to leverage both private and public funds to achieve greater marketing impact and ROI in driving tourism revenue. Kim moves from Overseas Marketing, Europe & South Pacific.
Stephanie Fielden
Acting Market Development Manager, Europe & South Pacific 
To ensure continuity within the Europe and South Pacific division, Stephanie Fielden (nee Nichols) will temporarily move from North America into the role of Acting Market Development Manager for Europe and South Pacific.
Sandy Reid
Acting Market Development Manager, North America 
Currently Sales Manager North America, Sandy has agreed to take on management responsibility for North America and Mexico trade relationships beginning July 23rd.
Sheryl Barowsky
Acting Manager, Tourism Product Management 
Supplier relationships will be managed by Sheryl who has extensive experience as an Account Specialist. Sheryl will oversee Destination BC’s Listings Program and our Product Service Coordinators.
Janice G Fraser
Content Strategy
For the next six months, Janice Fraser, Travel Media Relations Manager has taken on a temporary role working on the Content Strategy for Destination BC. Janice will work very closely with our team and industry partners to help develop a roadmap to move Destination BC’s content strategy forward.