Three new appointees join Destination BC’s board of directors

Destination BC is pleased to announce the appointment of three new members to its board of directors: Dawn Black, Joel McKay, and Nicole Vaugeois.
Black, McKay and Vaugeois began their roles July 12, 2018.
Dawn Black is a former Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) and former three-term Member of Parliament, first elected in 1988. Ms. Black attained national recognition for her advocacy on behalf of women, families and the underprivileged. Prior to that, she worked as a sales representative for the Poul Moellar Agency and as an accounting clerk for the Vancouver Art Gallery and Traveller’s Insurance. Active in her community, she volunteers for the Stephan Lewis Foundation and a board member of the Broadbent Institute. She has worked with several international organizations such as UN Development Programme, the National Democratic Institute and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.  She was also Board Member of the Legal Services Society. Ms. Black graduated from Fairview Commercial High.
Joel McKay is the CEO of the Northern Development Initiative Trust, a $300 million-dollar regional development corporation focused on stimulating economic growth in Northern British Columbia. Mr. McKay joined Northern Development in June 2012, where he handled the Trust’s communications and marketing and economic research and analysis. Prior to that, he was assignment editor at Business in Vancouver Newspaper and a journalist specializing in coverage of BC’s natural resource industries. Joel is editor of the Don Rennie Award-winning Small Town P.R. Playbook, a Jack Webster award winning journalist and an alumnus of the Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference. In 2016, Kwantlen Polytechnic University honored him with a Distinguished Alumni award. Active in his community, he is the former Chair of Media Relations for the 2015 Canada Winter Games in Prince George and volunteers with the Rocky Mountain Rangers Association. Mr. McKay holds a Bachelor of Applied Journalism from Kwantlen Polytechnic University.
Nicole Vaugeois is the Associate Vice President of Research at Vancouver Island University (VIU). She formerly held an Endowed Chair position as the BC Regional Innovation Chair in Tourism and Sustainable Rural Development at VIU, and was the Director of Strategic Initiatives for the World Leisure Centre of Excellence in Sustainability and Innovation. Active in her community, Ms. Vaugeois is currently a Board member of the Travel and Tourism Research Association (Canadian Chapter), the BC Rural Network and Innovation Island. She formerly served on the Board of Tourism Vancouver Island and held an appointment to BC's Tourism Research Taskforce. Ms. Vaugeois holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alberta, a Master of Arts in Tourism Planning from CHN The Netherlands, and a PhD from Michigan State University.
Destination BC is governed by a board of directors composed of nine private-sector directors, who are appointed by the minister responsible for tourism, based on recommendations provided by the tourism industry. All board-chair appointments are governed by the overriding principle of selection based on merit and are handled by the Province's Crown Agencies and Board Resourcing Office.
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