Programs is Destination British Columbia’s consumer website. It consists of eight integrated websites including North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, India, South Korea, Germany and our French-language website. Destination British Columbia also operates two stand-alone consumer websites for Mexico and China.

Through the websites, Destination British Columbia promotes the Super, Natural British Columbia® brand on the web and makes it possible for consumers to explore, plan and book their British Columbia vacations online.

Destination BC’s consumer website,, is testing website personalization to serve up dynamically optimized content, based on an individual’s interests and context. How does it work? As you explore, the  engine uses a cookie to observe the content that you interact with and applies an algorithm to build a unique customer profile of your inferred affinities. With this information, as well as the behaviour of others who have looked at similar content, the engine is able to select and recommend the next best piece of content for you in real time. The website will showcase featured stories in dropdown meus and carousels.  This initial project will be expanded with time with additional features and personalized content, so watch the website for more customized stories.