Regional Tourism Programs

Destination British Columbia works with regional, community and industry partners on multiple programs designed to support the growth of the industry through cooperative marketing and development initiatives.  In most cases, tourism stakeholders will work with a designated representative from their tourism region to determine the options that are best suited to their particular situation ranging from consumer marketing, community programs, travel trade and travel media relations activities.

Each region actively participates in provincially coordinated consumer marketing, trade, overseas and media relations programs in partnership with Destination British Columbia.

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Tourism Partners

What is the Co-operative Marketing "Reserved Pool" program?

Destination BC’s Co-op Marketing “Reserved Pool” program replaces the former “Tourism Partners” program and is complimentary to the “Open Pool” program. The Reserved Pool program provides funding to a limited number of eligible applicants including BC’s Regional Destination Marketing Organizations (RDMOs). The program is designed to support strategic marketing priorities that are fundamental to the provincial brand. Working in partnership with Destination BC, the RDMO marketing efforts under the Reserved Pool program will be focused on touring and exploring marketing initiatives.

For more detailed information, please contact your regional office.

Travel Trade, Overseas Markets & Travel Media Relations

What is the Travel Trade Overseas & Media Relations program? 

The Trade, Overseas and Media Relations Program integrates the activities of the Regional Destination Marketing Organizations (RDMOs) with Destination British Columbia's Travel Trade and Media Relations teams. Each region has a dedicated Travel Media Relations representative as well as a dedicated Travel Trade representative.

The regions and Destination British Columbia meet throughout the year to formulate the provincial Travel Trade and Travel Media Relations Plans.  These plans outline the tactics to be undertaken in the travel trade, travel media relations and on occasion, in consumer overseas initiatives. The regional representatives also support trade familiarization tours and media press trips as determined by these provincial plans. 

The Opportunity

Provincial plans examine the export-ready products, issues and challenges of each region and identify opportunities in markets in which Destination British Columbia is established. This provides the opportunity to identify potentially synergistic resources and efforts. 

How you can participate

For more detailed information, please contact your regional office.