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Market Profiles

Research and Analytics compiles and publishes data on British Columbia's key tourism markets. The publications provide a market overview, BC past performance, market insights, a short-term forecast, and trip characteristics.

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Alberta Market Profile (2018)
British Columbia Market Profile (2018)
California Market Profile (2018)
Mexico Market Profile (2018)
Ontario Market Profile (2018)
United States Market Profile (2018)
Washington Market Profile (2018)

Market Research

Special Analysis: BC Resident International Trip Purpose

With the rising value of the US dollar over the last two years, there has been a noticeable drop in the number of BC residents travelling to the US. Overnight trips to the US by British Columbians were down 10% in 2015 compared to 2014, and same-day trips to the US were down 25%. At the same time, trips to overseas countries by BC residents have grown — up 11% in 2015 compared to the previous year. These statistics lead to questions regarding the reasons why British Columbians choose to travel internationally.

Special Analysis: BC Resident International Trip Purpose

Market Research

Short-Haul Consumer Research Summary

In 2014, Destination British Columbia commissioned a study to assist with the development of a strategy for the short-haul markets of Washington State, Alberta, and British Columbia. Research was needed to determine how short-haul travellers decide to come to British Columbia, what they perceive as possible destinations within the province, and the experiences that they seek within these destinations. The study included iterative online discussions with 60 short-haul travellers and an online survey of 2,260 short-haul travellers.

2014 Short-Haul Consumer Research Summary Report

BC Short-Haul Golf Maket Study: Vancouver, Calgary & Edmonton

In 2008, Destination British Columbia, in partnership with Tourism Kamloops have produced the 2008 BC Short-Haul Golf Maket Study: Vancouver, Calgary & Edmonton report on short-haul golf tourists' travel behaviour and their British Columbia golf destination awareness and imagery. Telephone interviews were conducted with 250 golf tourists from Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary.

2008 BC Short-Haul Golf Market Study: Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton

2006 Regional Market Study: British Columbia, Alberta, and Washington State

In 2006 Destination British Columbia commissioned market studies on British Columbia's three major regional markets: the British Columbia domestic market, Alberta and Washington State.

These studies examined prospects' travel patterns, interest in and attitudes toward travel to British Columbia.

2006 Regional Market Study: British Columbia, Alberta and Washington State

Global Tourism Watch Studies

In partnership with the Canadian Tourism Commission and other provincial tourism agencies, Destination British Columbia participated in a Global Tourism Watch program to expand consumer-based intelligence in core markets. The overall objective of the program is to monitor awareness, travel intentions and other key market indicators for Canada and British Columbia. The most recent summary reports are listed below.

Global Tourism Watch: Canada Summary Report (2016)
Global Tourism Watch: United States Summary Report (2016)
Global Tourism Watch: Mexico Summary Report (2016)
Global Tourism Watch: Brazil Summary Report (2016)

Other Market Research Partnership Projects

Destination British Columbia, as well as other provincial tourism organizations regularly participate in Canadian Tourism Commission led international market research partnerships.

These research projects examine the tourism potential of major or emerging international tourism markets for Canada, British Columbia and other provinces, through consumer surveys and interviews with representatives of the travel trade.

Main objectives of these projects include (but are not limited to):

  • Providing an in-depth understanding of outbound tourism of the market in question
  • Profiling outbound traveller demographics and trip characteristics
  • Determining existing and potential market size for Canada, British Columbia and other provinces
  • Analyzing traveller perceptions towards Canadian and British Columbia tourism products
  • Examining Canada's brand image in the market in question
  • Conducting competitive analysis of Canada and international destinations.

Mexico Consumer and Travel Trade Research (Summary)