How-To Guides

On this page you will find a variety of How-To Guides that can be used as a resource for tourism industry research.

Research Guide for Tourism Operators: The essential guide on how to conduct tourism research

This guide explains why tourism research is important for tourism operators. The guide provides direction on what type of information should and can be collected, how to conduct tourism research, how to process, analyze and evaluate research results, and where to get help.

Research Guide for Tourism Operators

Survey Procedures For Festivals, Events And Permanent Attractions: The Guidelines Project

In 2005 and 2006 a consortium of national, provincial and territorial organizations produced a set of Guidelines for conducting visitor surveys at festivals, events and permanent attractions. These Guidelines can be adapted for any visitor study but were originally developed to generate credible and consistent inputs for estimating the tourism economic impact of festivals, events and attractions.

Introduction to the Guidelines

Guidelines: Survey Procedure for Tourism Economic Impact Assessments of:

Guidelines: Survey Procedures for Assessment of On-Site Spending at:

Gated Events and Festivals
Ungated or Open Access Events and Festivals