Canadian Travel Motivations

The Travel Activities and Motivation Survey (TAMS) provides information on travellers from Canadian urban markets, including their recent destination activity preferences (types of activities engaged in on recent overnight trips). Destination choices and activity preferences are not linked in TAMS. Instead, the survey provides independent information on where people go on trips and what they do when they travel.

Travel Activities and Motivations of Canadian Residents: An Overview is based on a survey of Canadian and U.S. travellers conducted between January and June 2006. This report deals only with the travel patterns and attitudes of Canadians.

Canadian TAMS Overview Report

Travel Activities and Motivations of Canadian Residents: Resident Profile profiles out-of-province Canadians who visited British Columbia while on a trip and compares them with other Canadian Pleasure Travellers (i.e., those who took at least one pleasure trip or vacation in the last two years).

Canadian Travellers to British Columbia Report