Canadian TAMS Sector Specific Reports

These reports are representative of Canadian travellers who have participated in specific activities while on at least one overnight trip in the last 2 years.

Land-based Activities

Hiking, Climbing, and Paddling
Horseback Riding
Wildlife Viewing

Water-based Outdoor Activities

Ocean Activities
Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

Winter Outdoor Activities

Cross-Country Skiing and Showshoeing
Snowmobiling and ATVing

Aboriginal Experiences and Heritage-based Activities

Aboriginal Cultural Experiences
Historical Sites, Museums and Art Galleries

Festivals, Events and the Arts

Fairs and Festivals
Professional Sporting Events

Group Travel

Western Canadian Perspective

Culinary, Wine, Beer and Agri-Tourism Activities

Wine, Beer and Food Tasting

Other Activities

Amateur Sport Tournaments
Visiting Spas