Recent Releases

This section provides information about publications that have been recently released.

All Market Profiles

Research & Evaluation compiles and publishes data on British Columbia's key tourism markets. The publications discuss outbound travel, the size of the market, top travel destinations, traveller and trip characteristics, market insights and top trends. All Market Profiles, including 3 domestic markets and 8 international markets, can be found on the Destination BC Corporate website.

The Value of Tourism in British Columbia summarizes information on the economic value the tourism industry contributes to the province. This publication summarizes 10 years of tourism revenue, gross domestic product, and business and employment data. Visitor volume and market origin data are also summarized. The Value of Tourism in British Columbia is published annually.

Tourism Indicators – September 2018

The Tourism Indicators publication comprises key tourism statistics including customs entries data, provincial room revenue, commercial restaurant receipts, provincial and regional occupancy and average daily room rates, visitor centres, regional airports, ferries, conference centres, and more. 

International Arrivals by Province - November 2017

The International Arrivals by Province publication provides a comparison of overnight visitor arrivals across Canada to assess each province's tourism success.

International Visitor Arrivals - July 2018

The International Visitor Arrivals publication summarizes customs entries data to British Columbia and Canada from selected markets of origin. The International Visitor Arrivals includes information for both the particular month and the year to-date, and includes percentage changes over the same period over the previous year.

Cruise Sector Profile

The Cruise Sector Profiles provides an overview of the size of the British Columbia Cruise industry, a demographic profile and travel characteristics of travellers and the estimated economic value.