This page outlines regular Research, Planning and Evaluation publications.

Value of Tourism

The Value of Tourism in British Columbia summarizes information on the economic value the tourism industry contributes to the province. This publication summarizes 10 years of tourism revenue, gross domestic product, and business and employment data. Visitor volume and market origin data are also summarized. The Value of Tourism in British Columbia is published annually.

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Tourism Indicators

The Tourism Indicators publication is comprised of key tourism statistics including customs entries data, provincial and regional room revenue, commercial restaurant receipts, provincial and regional occupancy and average daily room rates, visitor centres, regional airports, ferries, and conference centres. The Tourism Indicators data tables are published monthly.

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International Visitor Arrivals

The International Visitor Arrivals publication summarizes customs entries data to British Columbia and Canada from selected markets of origin. The International Visitor Arrivals includes information for both the particular month and the year to-date, and includes percentage changes over the same period over the previous year. The International Visitor Arrivals is published monthly, with issues available from 2001.

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The Year-in-Review publication summarizes all tourism indicators by region. Year-in-Review data sources are similar to Tourism Indicators; however, all data, including ferries, room revenue and customs entries, are broken down on a regional or urban level where possible. The Year-in-Review is published once a year, with issues dating back to 2001.

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Regional Profiles

The Regional Profiles summarizes tourism indicators and provides a general overview of the six British Columbia regions. The most recent annual data as well as historical trend data are presented including visitor volume, accommodation and transportation indicators, and information about regional tourism products.

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Value of the Visitor Centre

The Value of the Visitor Centre reports are part of an on-going research program examining travellers who use Visitor Centres. The use of the Visitor Centres provides communities with an opportunity to influence the activities and satisfaction of travellers, thus increasing the length of stay and the probability of a return visit to the community and British Columbia. Due to increasing needs in communities around the province, Research, Planning and Evaluation, Destination British Columbia has developed a methodology that Visitor Centres can use to measure the impact of the Visitor Centre on traveller behaviour and to determine the economic benefit of the Visitor Centre. The pilot project was initiated in 2001, and since, many communities have participated in the study. The Value of the Visitor Centre studies are conducted in the summer season, on an annual basis.

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Market Profiles

Research, Planning and Evaluation compiles and publishes data on British Columbia's important tourism markets. The publications discuss outbound travel, the size of the market, traveller characteristics (International Traveller Survey data), competition, market economic profile and emerging trends. Publications are updated on an annual basis.

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Sector Profiles

The Sector Profiles provide an overview on the size of the tourism sector. They include both a demographic profile and travel characteristics of travellers who participated in activities (information sources used include: Travel Activities & Motivation Survey and/or the International Traveller Survey). They also contain information about other activities these travellers participated in while on overnight trips, plus information on other destinations (besides BC) these travellers have been to in the past. Towards the end of each profile, you will find information on the economic impact of the sector, and an update on any emerging trends associated with the sector. They're approximately eight pages in length each and are complied using various information sources.

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