Tourism Checklist

The following "tourism checklist" offers multiple ways your business, community or sector can maximize industry engagement.

  1. How “Ready” is your tourism business? Be familiar with the Tourism Market Ready Standards and do the Self-Assessment Checklist.

  2. Check out Destination BC's new three-year corporate strategy.

  3. Contact your applicable Regional Destination Marketing Organization to learn more about program opportunities and sign-up for informational newsletters available to stakeholders.  

  4. Become an active stakeholder in your local Community Tourism Organization.

  5. And, get engaged in Destination BC’s consumer social media accounts.

  6. Subscribe to Destination British Columbia's Research, Planning and Evaluation's mailing list to receive monthly notifications about the latest research publications.

  7. Participate in the HelloBC® Listings Program and getting your marketing message out to approximately 9 million visitors! Learn about all the HelloBC consumer websites - North America, China, UK, Australia, Japan, Germany and Mexico.

  8. Attend B.C.'s annual Tourism Industry Conference, which works to unite the industry and provide a forum for discussion, business development and networking opportunities.

        9.  List your Festivals and Events for FREE on

      10.  Subscribe to Destination British Columbia's Newsletter.