Market Ready Standards

Destination British Columbia, in partnership with the tourism industry, developed a set of market ready standards to assist B.C.’s tourism industry remain competitive with other national and international tourism destinations. Destination British Columbia promotes the province’s great tourism experiences to visitors from around the world and works to attract visitors to your business. It is important that the businesses the organization presents to the world operate to standards that match visitor expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to be ready?

Today’s tourists are far more complex than in the past. They are looking for services and experiences that match what they’ve come to expect. Today’s tourists are web savvy and have the world at their fingertips. In order for B.C.’s tourism industry to remain competitive, operators must ensure proper communication and service to potential visitors.

What are the benefits of being market or export ready?

Being market-ready gives businesses access to the cooperative marketing programs and initiatives offered through local and regional tourism organizations and Destination British Columbia's marketing programs. In addition, tourism businesses will gain increased credibility in the eyes of the consumer and tour operator by maintaining proper licensing and sufficient insurance.

What do Visitor Ready, Market Ready and Export Ready mean?

The Market Ready Standards have been broken down into 3-categories of “readiness” to assist tourism-related business operators:

Visitor Ready: Refers to a business that has all their licenses, permits and insurance in place in order to operate legally.

Market Ready: Refers to a business that markets to potential visitors in the planning stages, communicates with potential visitors year-round, and is ready to accept advanced reservations.

Export Ready: Refers to a business that markets to and through travel trade distribution sales channels, understands commission or net rate pricing, agrees to trade bookings and a cancellation policy.

Market Ready Standards and Self Assessment Checklist [pdf 271kb]