Our Brand

Building a solid brand is essential to our success as a tourism destination, and is the fundamental building block from which all marketing communications and behaviour should flow.

Our brand serves as our competitive identity: it promises a unique kind of travel experience, and guides expectations of not only what travellers will see and do, but also how they will feel.

For over 30 years, our tourism destination brand – using the tagline, Super, Natural British Columbia® – has inspired millions of people to visit BC. Our brand puts BC’s true nature at its core, and truly injects deeper meaning and emotional resonance to the tagline, Super, Natural British Columbia, while continuing to build on its long-established equity.

So what is BC's destination brand?

Super, Natural British Columbia

We are the sea to sky province of abundant wildlife and cities on the edge of wilderness. We are a province shaped by nature. It has nurtured our people, our history, our culture...and our visitors.

Our target audience has a heartfelt need to connect with the wilderness. The truth and authenticity of BC’s nature brings out the traveller's better self. BC, like its people and its visitors, is “wild at heart.”

Over time, our brand will be strengthened through every touch point a traveller encounters and every communication he receives or shares. This may include a hotel experience, website, chat at a Visitor Centre, magazine article, rating on Trip Advisor, comment from a travel trade partner, or posts shared by a visitor. Everything contributes to the overall impression of British Columbia’s brand.

Find out more about Our Brand by reading our guidelines.

Watch the webinar about Our Brand.

Our Brand comes to life across British Columbia

Destination BC recently produced six regional videos that reflect the revitalised destination brand for each of the tourism regions. These were developed in close collaboration with each Region—using their suggestions and knowledge to bring the brand to life at the regional level. The people shown in these videos are actual travellers—not actors—and their reactions and perspectives are their true sentiments. These videos capture just a few of the many remarkable experiences the regions offer our guests. And, are the first in a series that we’ll be building on over the next 2-3 years.

Cariboo Chilcotin Coast

The Wild Embraced: Finding yourself in the Chilcotin

Kootenay Rockies

By Way of the Wild: A road trip shared in the Kootenay Rockies

Northern BC

Drawn to the wild: A fly-fishing adventure in Northern BC

Thompson Okanagan

A Wild Abundance: The welcome warmth of the Okanagan

Vancouver, Coast and Mountains

Within reach of the wild: Exploring the Fraser Canyon

Vancouver Island

Where the Wild Reigns: Wildlife encounters on Vancouver Island