Tourism Business Essentials Guides

The Tourism Business Essentials guides are free, practical resources for tourism operators to learn more about the tourism industry and about how to build their businesses. When reading these guides, we encourage you to think of each guide as a single ‘chapter’ within the much larger ‘book of tourism’ - and not just as stand-alone publications.

The Fundamentals of a Successful Tourism Business


Fundamentals for Tourism Businesses is designed to help business entrepreneurs and owners better understand the tourism industry in BC, and where their product fits in.  (March, 2015)

Sustainable Tourism

By understanding and applying the three pillars of sustainability – environmental, social and economical - organizations can realize financial savings and help create stronger businesses and communities. (December, 2015)

Research Guide for Tourism Operators

This guide explains why tourism research is important for tourism operators. The guide provides direction on what types of information should and can be collected, how to conduct tourism research, how to process, analyze and evaluate research results, and where to get help.

Marketing and Promotions - The Basics and Beyond...

Ads & Brochures that Sell

Whether you do it yourself or work with a supplier, this guide will help you understand how to create compelling, attractive promotional material, and how to avoid common mistakes along the way. (July, 2013)

Online Reputation Management - New Edition!

Online Reputation Management explores the explosive popularity of social networking and how tourism operators in British Columbia can take control of, manage,and generate more business from online reviews and social media commentary. Learn where reviews are being posted, when and how to respond to both positive and negative reviews, which measurement tools are available to determine how your tourism business rates online, and how to manage your online profiles to ensure information is current. (September, 2014)

Travel Media Relations

Obtaining unpaid media often plays a key role in ensuring success. This guide will help you understand how to maximize your promotional efforts and exposure by effectively using the local and international travel media. (July, 2013)

Understanding Unique Tourism Markets in BC

Sport Tourism

Through greater understanding of this emerging tourism sector, sport tourism strategies can be developed that will maximize community economic benefits. This guide is designed to help communities and tourism businesses attract, bid on and host sporting events. (June, 2013)

Mountain Bike Tourism

This guide highlights relevant “best practices” and resources that can help communities to establish their own unique mountain biking experiences. (June, 2015)

Cultural & Heritage Tourism Development

This is the essential guide for BC tourism businesses interested in developing a cultural or heritage tourism operation. (February, 2014)

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