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BC Magazine

Fall 2014

Photo contest results, revealed: 17 stunning images from our readers; a daring ascent of Mount Assiniboine; the mighty moose; soaking up Nakusp; and much more!

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The Value of Tourism in BC

This publication summarizes 10 years of information on the economic value the tourism industry contributes to the province.

Our Corporate Strategy

Our new corporate strategy will help British Columbia reach its full potential as a tourism destination.


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WorldHost® Training Services

WorldHost® Training Services was launched as the SuperHost® program in 1985, offering customer service training for EXPO '86 in B.C., Canada. Since then, the program has expanded, evolved and rebranded to become the standard for customer service excellence in B.C., as well as an internationally recognized leader in training for the tourism industry.

Bringing Our Brand To Life

See how we are bringing our revitalized brand to life through our websites, campaigns, social media channels, trade show banners and more.

Guides, Workshops and Webinars

This section provides links to the Tourism Business Essentials series of guides that are offered free to B.C. tourism stakeholders. In addition there are links to WorldHost® programs and workshops and other resources that you might find valuable in developing your business.

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Nov 24, 2014


Nov 26, 2014


Nov 27, 2014


WorldHost® Remarkable-YOU! Workshop

Kopar Administration, #200-1268 5th Avenue, Prince George


September 2014

Country Arrivals Change
USA Overnight 273,912 0.9%
China 27,207 17.9%
UK 24,633 3.3%
Australia 22,226 5.0%
Japan 13,430 15.3%
Germany 10,912 -9.4%
South Korea 8,543 7.6%
Hong Kong 8,071 23.3%
Mexico 7,041 22.6%
India 5,621 34.7%
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