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About Destination British Columbia

Established on November 2, 2012 under the Business Corporations Act and continuing as a statutory Crown corporation pursuant to the Destination BC Corp. Act, Destination BC Corp. is wholly owned by the Province of British Columbia and commenced operations on April 1, 2013.
Operating as Destination British Columbia (Destination BC), the industry led Crown corporation works collaboratively with tourism stakeholders across the province to coordinate tourism marketing at the international, provincial, regional and local levels, and to support regions communities and Aboriginal people in developing or expanding tourism experiences, businesses and jobs.
Destination BC is responsible for executing key components of the provincial government’s tourism strategy. Destination BC’s first three year corporate and marketing strategy was released on November 4, 2014 articulating Destination BC’s new vision, mission and goals.
Destination BC has been mandated to fulfil several key marketing and leadership responsibilities critical to the long-term, sustainable growth of the provincial tourism industry. These include:

  • Market British Columbia domestically, nationally and internationally as a tourist destination;
  • Promote the development and growth of the tourism industry in British Columbia to increase revenue and employment in, and the economic benefits generated by, the industry, including, without limitation, by:
    • Providing support for regional, sectoral and community tourism marketing;
    • Providing industry leadership in tourism marketing;
    • Promoting training and development in relation to tourism marketing;
    • Providing support for visitor centres; and
    • Conducting tourism-related market research;
  • Enhance public awareness of tourism and its economic value to British Columbia;
  • Provide advice and recommendations on tourism-related matters; and
  • Administer and perform agreements assigned to it by the Minister.
Organizational Structure
Destination BC has approximately 100 staff positions, primarily based in BC (Vancouver and Victoria). The organization is multi-national, with in-market representation in the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, China, and Australia. Destination BC is structured in three functional areas: Global Marketing, Destination Management and Corporate Development.
Global Marketing
The Global Marketing team deploys a combination of media relations, travel trade, consumer-direct and co-operative marketing worldwide to drive demand, increase provincial tourism revenues and encourage the geographic and seasonal distribution of visitors to and within BC. All activities are integrated and strategically targeted to increase demand for British Columbia as a preferred travel destination and secure the highest Net Promoter Score in North America. The team includes North America Marketing, Overseas Marketing, eMarketing and Marketing Communications, and is responsible for marketing the Super, Natural British Columbia® brand to the world.
Destination Management
The Destination Management team focuses on working in collaboration with other parts of government, communities, destination management organizations, sectors, and industry to enhance the global competitiveness of the travel experiences within BC. Program areas include Destination Development, Remarkable Experiences and Visitor Services, which all work to leverage tourism investments to meet the expectations of our priority and emerging markets. The team also includes Tourism Product Management, which connects visitors to travel information and individual tourism businesses, motivating visitors to extend their stay and travel all regions of the province.
Corporate Development
 The Corporate Development team works to build and communicate a knowledge base that supports insight driven, strategic, decision-making and program evaluation by Destination British Columbia, other parts of government, communities, destination management organizations, sectors, and the tourism industry. Program areas include Research and Analytics, Corporate Communications, Finance, and People and Development. The Research and Analytics team partners with other federal, provincial and local agencies (Destination Canada, other Provincial and Territorial Destination Marketing Organizations, British Columbian Regional and Community Destination Marketing Organization) on research projects of joint and strategic interest. People and Development provides change management and human resources support to Destination BC staff and programs including the development of human resources policies and plans which are consistent with the Public Service Agency (PSA). Corporate Communications works with industry partners around the province to ensure BC’s tourism stakeholders receive timely information on the programs and services provided by the Corporation, and are aware of the important economic contributions tourism makes to BC’s economy.
Accountability and Transparency

As a Crown corporation, Destination BC is accountable to the taxpayers of British Columbia through the Minister for tourism, and operates in a manner consistent with the policies and directives of the Provincial Government and the Taxpayer Accountability Principles. An annual Mandate Letter outlines these expectations.

2017 stakeholder survey shows positive trends

Destination BC’s 2017 annual stakeholder survey results are in, and we are pleased to report that satisfaction with our organization and programs rose among most segments of our partners and maintained at high levels in others.
In 2017, all of the regions reported an increase in overall satisfaction compared to the previous year. DMOs, Tourism Industry Associations and Organizations and Tourism Businesses registered an increase in overall satisfaction in 2017 compared with the previous year. Level of overall satisfaction remained the same as the previous year for the other three stakeholders groups (Travel Trade, Visitor Centers, and Media Relations). 
Each year, Destination BC commissions an annual survey of stakeholders to gauge satisfaction with programs and to inform their improvement. The survey was conducted in April and May of this year and more than 2,000 stakeholders gave feedback. The results were reviewed and analyzed by Destination BC’s Executive team and Board of Directors and influenced development of our 2018 corporate business plan.
The detailed comments and suggestions on our programs provided by stakeholders are invaluable to Destination BC. We would like to thank all those who completed the survey, and for helping guide our future growth and improvements as an organization. Find the full report here: 2017 Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey Summary Report.

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