Explorer Quotient (EQ)

What is EQ?


Explorer Quotient®, also known as EQ, was development by Destination Canada (the Canadian Tourism Association) in partnership with Environics Research Group. EQ is a proprietary market segmentation system based on the science of psychographics. Rather than marketing to or developing products for travellers based on traditional segments, such as demographics (e.g. age, gender, income, etc.) and/or geography, EQ emphasizes the importance of traveller segmentation based on their psychological characteristics, such as their attitudes, beliefs, values, motivations, and behaviours. When various psychological characteristics are combined, different types of travellers emerge. These are known as Explorer Types.

For more information on EQ and Explorer Types, please visit Destination Canada’s corporate website:

What is your EQ type? To find out, take the EQ traveller quiz:

How is it applied?

Nationally, EQ was developed as a means to align Canada’s tourism industry with collective marketing and product development for select Explorer Types. At a provincial and community level, its use will also allow tourism organizations and businesses to better understand what drives people to travel to a destination and to better understand why different travellers seek out different experiences.

The following are a few examples of tourism operators and destination marketing organizations who have applied EQ in their practices. Learn how EQ is making an impact on their customer experience, product development and marketing activities, and partnering initiatives.

How can BC tourism businesses start using EQ?

Destination BC and Destination Canada are pleased to announce that the Explorer Quotient® is now available, free of charge, to every British Columbian tourism organization!

Interested BC tourism organizations can follow three easy steps to gain access to proprietary EQ resources.

  1. Contact Destination BC at to express interest in signing up as an EQ sub-licensee and provide the name of a contact person and contact information for your organization.
  2. Destination BC, upon confirming your organization’s eligibility, will provide the contact information to Destination Canada.
  3. Destination Canada will then provide your organization with a password to the EQ library and instructions on how to install the EQ quiz on your organization’s website, if so desired. 

Learn the basics of EQ through our workshop

 Destination BC wants to help all our industry partners learn the ABCs of EQ (Explorer Quotient). We’ve recently developed a new EQ 101 Workshop and are now ready to share the information widely with British Columbia’s tourism businesses and organizations. Destination BC is basing these sessions on a series of pilot workshops we held in Prince George, Revelstoke and Gold Country.
To learn more about participating in Destination BC’s EQ 101 Workshop, please email
Read material from the pilot workshop here.