Value of Tourism Model

Having defensible estimates of tourism’s contribution to a community is central to developing an informed tourism planning approach, strengthening the support of community stakeholders and local government, and encouraging an appreciation of tourism’s economic development potential.

The Opportunity

By using the Value of Tourism model, the Research, Planning and Evaluation Branch of Destination British Columbia can assist your community in developing conservative and a credible estimate of visitor volume and direct tourism expenditures within a community.

The Value of Tourism model provides a structured, consistent approach to estimate the volume and value of tourism within a community. The core data collection component of the model is an accommodation survey to gather the most recent annual performance data from commercial accommodation operators (including campgrounds). This information is then applied to local, regional, provincial and national tourism indicators to provide an estimate of the total number of visitors (overnight, day and visiting friends and relatives) and their expenditures in the community.


Information provided by accommodation businesses will:

  • only be used for the purposes of estimating tourism contribution to the community;
  • be aggregated with other operators data to ensure anonymity;
  • remain confidential and will not be released in any form that enables individual operators to be identified; and
  • be submitted directly to either the Research, Planning and Evaluation Branch or the Project Coordinator.


All accommodation properties within your community must participate in this survey in order to run the model and produce the Value of Tourism statistics and report for your community.

If your community is interested in participating in the Value of Tourism please contact:


“The Value of Tourism project has provided credible accountability and a benchmark for the tourism industry within the community of Dawson Creek. The ability to quantify the value that tourism provides in a community is critical in order to further educate businesses, political leaders, and citizens of a community on the role tourism has in the local economy. In Dawson Creek, these numbers are now often used as a resource to investors who are interested in setting up business in Dawson Creek and throughout the region.

Research projects such as this, are a testament to collaborative partnerships between local accommodation stakeholders, community DMO, Regional DMO, and Destination British Columbia's Research, Planning and Evaluation team. I would fully encourage all communities to undertake this worthwhile project as it will go a long way in our ongoing efforts to educate people on the value of tourism.”

Dustin Bodnaryk, Tourism Development Coordinator, Tourism Dawson Creek