Industry Tools

Our goal, at Destination BC, is to build a unified global brand that is easily recognized by travellers. Unifying our marketing messages with a common look and feel amplifies and reinforces our voice, helping us to stand out and be more memorable with consumers.
Here’s how you can make small changes to your marketing materials to align with the Super, Natural British Columbia brand:

  1. Increase your messaging around nature and its influence on your product or experience.
  2. Use imagery that reflects the brand pillars of authenticity, emotion and weaving in nature.
  3. Incorporate the brand’s nature-based colour palette. 
  4. Add the Super, Natural British Columbia logo tile to your website. 
  5. Keep your tone of voice friendly, down to earth and rich in useful information.
Below are all the brand tools you need to make those small changes:

1. Our Brand

To understand the brand better, review the document, "Our Brand" which explains the elements within the BC tourism brand. Or view a webinar describing the brand, and the Wild Within video. 

2. Photography Information

3. Web Tile


The logo web tile featuring the Super, Natural British Columbia® logo is available now. Tourism businesses within British Columbia are able to add this web tile to their websites which will help to unify all of our marketing efforts and strengthen our collective voice in promoting British Columbia to the world. We hope you will take advantage of this simple tool that can help build BC’s magnetic brand, together. 

How to Get the Web Tile
There are a few simple steps to get your web tile, along with a license agreement:
  1. Register or sign in with your existing account at the Destination BC Image Bank. If you are new to the system your account will need to be upgraded, which will happen within 24 business hours after registering.
  2. On the home page of the Image Bank you will find a section call “New Industry Tools.” Click on the link provided in that section to see the size and colour options from which to choose.
  3. Download by clicking the “download” icon under the image.
  4. Answer the four questions about where you will use the web tile and then click next.
Once the system has processed your request (usually takes a couple of minutes) there will be a link to download the assets, which will include guidelines, your license agreement and the web tile.

For more information please contact: