BC Tourism Industry

Provincial Tourism Strategy and Policy

British Columbia’s Tourism Strategy

The Provincial Government has a focused agenda specifically for tourism, outlined in the Province’s refreshed tourism strategy, Gaining the Edge: 2015 - 2018.  This strategy builds on past successes and aims to increase the volume of visitors to British Columbia, improve access for international travellers, and sustain a profitable tourism sector. 

Gaining the Edge has four main pillars for achieving success:

  1. Leadership through Partnership, Alignment and Coordination including facilitating greater alignment, investments and efficiencies in B.C.’s tourism system to amplify B.C.’s development opportunities and marketing messages.
  2. Focused Marketing including building on Destination BC’s successful marketing initiatives to compel visitors from key markets.
  3. World-Class Experiences including supporting industry, regions, communities and Aboriginal people to develop or enhance the tourism products and experiences that draw people to our spectacular province.
  4. Enhancing Competitiveness and Sustainability including adopting policies and undertaking strategic investments to remove barriers and support tourism growth.
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British Columbia’s Economic Strategy

The BC Jobs Plan is government’s strategy to grow the economy and create job opportunities for British Columbians. Tourism is one of the eight key sectors in the plan, given tourism’s  ability to drive new investment, economic growth and create jobs in every region of the province.  

Tourism Policy

Tourism is a complex industry that is affected by legislation, regulations, and policy, decisions at the federal, provincial and local government levels. The Tourism Policy Branch in the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training and Responsible for Labour works collaboratively across all levels of government to maximize the value of tourism while raising the profile of the sector as a key driver in growing a strong visitor economy.
The Tourism Policy Branch works to align provincial tourism activities and set the strategic direction, while working collaboratively with other parts of the provincial government that deliver tourism-related activities.

Tourism Policy Branch responsibilities include:

  • Developing and leading the implementation of provincial strategies to grow tourism (i.e. Gaining the Edge: 2015 - 2018 and the BC Jobs Plan).
  • Engaging with all B.C. provincial government agencies/ministries with mandates that complement tourism; identifying and leveraging key opportunities for economic growth and diversification.
  • Ensuring that provincial decisions are informed by the needs of the tourism industry.
  • Coordinating activities between the provincial government and Destination British Columbia, the Ministry’s key tourism marketing partner.
  • Working with other provincial/territorial, federal and international agencies with mandates that intersect with the travel and tourism industry in British Columbia, and providing recommendations in support of BC’s tourism sector on legislative/regulatory reviews where tourism may be impacted.
  • Fostering the development of policies and programs that encourage sustainability and growth for the travel and tourism industry in British Columbia.